• Efficacy
        • Safety
        • Systematic overviews

Meta-Analyses (publication-based)

        • Development of literature research strategy
        • Literature research / selection of publications
        • Generation of meta-analysis plan

Meta-Analyses (based on patient data)

      • Generation of project data base (compiling data from different clinical trials)
      • Generation of meta-analysis plan
      • Programming of analysis files (e. g. CDISC ADaM)
      • Statistical performance of meta-analyses (using RevMan / Cochrane Collaboration, and SAS)
      • Generation of report (according to PRISMA)

Genomics & Bioinformatics


  • Genetics of complex diseases (linkage and association analysis, gene interactions)
  • Pharmacogenomics (personalized medicine)
  • Bioinformatics &statistics for evaluation of high throughput molecular profiling technology (genes, mRNA, proteins)